Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Supt. Kamara said they had a report that was made on the 17th July 2020 by someone on behalf of the victim and that by the look of things so much engagement has been going on as against the 14 February, 2020.

With First Ever Club House In Salone…Babadi Kamara Gives Bo Rangers Massive Facelift

The pride of the south are odds on to become the first football club in Sierra Leone to own a clubhouse. Thanks to the remarkable vision and clairvoyant leadership of Mr Babadi Kamara who is the Chairman of Bo Rangers Football Club.

As Youth Ministry Scores Another Goal…1,400 YOUNG PEOPLE SMILE

This is evident on the over Two Billion Leones that was recently disbursed by the Ministry of Finance to install Seventy (70) Outboard engines and all its fishing accessories on the already Seventy (70) local boats constructed which supports the Youths in Fisheries Project.

Liberals Brotherhood Celebrates 22 Anniversary Today

This potent fraternity which constitutes a global membership has produced intellectuals who have served in diverse positions including the public and private sectors, business establishments, Non-governmental Organisations, international organisations, and other spheres of life. Many believe that Liberals is one of the ‘blue ribbons’ to have emerged from FBC, and this is visible in the top role played by its members within the governance space of Sierra Leone.

Why Is The COVID-19 Mortality Rate On The Increase In Sierra Leone?

I will not go ahead to dwell over spilled milk, but I will say, as a matter of fact, if the government and all Sierra Leoneans do not step up to make a concerted effort in this fight, we are yet to see worse.

Maritime In Limbo… Minister Kabinneh Kallon Implicated

It is clear from the SLMA Acts of 2000 that the Minister has no such rights to hire and fire staff, especially an Executive Director that was appointed by His Excellency the President and approved by Parliament.

SLPP Loyalists Express Frustration

The promised that was made by the party that those who will suffer with the party will surely reap the benefit at the end of it has not been made possible as there are people now in the governance structure who now benefiting who did not suffer to bring the party to power.

Mercury ‘Soak Di Gron’… Le 4.7B Paid To 18,000 Customers

“Winning over Two Million Leones at this difficult time is something I was not expecting even though I played. I only tried my luck and that by no mistake, this will make a big change in my life as I hope to utilize this cash in a beneficial way," Kargbo said.

Le 5.3B Domestic Revenue Missing

Year In and Year Out, Audit reports have been slamming the domestic revenue department of National Revenue Authority...

Mess At Immigration…280 Passports In Unknown Hands

Two Hundred and Eighty (280) Service Passports are currently in the hands of persons who should not be holding or...

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