The Ministry of Youth Affairs in collaboration with the GIZ has organized a three-day Training of Trainers session on Entrepreneurship amid Covid-19 in Kailahun and Kabala.

The training which started on 19th November to 21st November 2020 focused on training of trainers on gender related issues, Covid-19 prevention, treatment and management, anti-corruption principles and guidelines, entrepreneurship, leadership skills, mentorship and career guidance, coordination and networking, marketing and branding and data collection and analysis.

Participants in the training session included district youth councils, district youth officers, chiefdom youth councils, assistant district youth officers and youth workers in Moyamba, Pujehun, Bonthe, Bo Kenema and Kailahun Districts.

The training encompassed impacting knowledge and techniques on participants who were encouraged to demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired from the training.

The Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, Luseni Kallon in his statement explained that human capital development is a government priority and continued that it has been demonstrated in the training.

He called on young people to make positive and deliberate changes by being clear in their observation and communication, and admonished them to be frank and upright in their interaction.

The Deputy Minister maintained that the establishment of District Youth Councils and Chiefdom Youth Councils and also the training of the councils to support youth related intervention is not unconnected to the priority that has been placed on human capital development by government.

He expressed appreciation over the youth’s participation in the training and looks forward to more engagement with the youths of the various districts.

He noted that their ministry has capacitated youth structures, built the ministry’s networking and rebranding efforts, and that the Ministry has created the platform for young people to serve as solutions to community challenges rather than problems.