By Aruna M Kargbo

The Ministry of Youth Affairs has on Monday 27th July together with the Directorates of Science Technology and Innovation (DSTI) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) validated the E-Governance Youth Platform.

Making his presentation on the E-platform, a Software Developer and Consultant, Tell Koroma explained that the platform is one which could be used to capture various issues affecting youths in the country.

He maintained that the interactive platform is one which could create the opportunity for the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the general public, especially the youths interact.

He noted that to access it one just need to klick at the website of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and then register for account to be accessible to the platform adding that there are multiple categories for one to deposit information such as comments and questions.

The Policy Head of DSTI, Michaella George stated that the beauty of having the platform is that it is easy to capture reliable data on major issues affecting youths in the country through the platform.

She noted that live chats can be done on the platform whereas prerecorded videos can be deposited on the platform in order to spark up conversation.

The Head of Experimentation Accelerator Lab of UNDP, Tuzlyn Bayoh commended the platform as one which is good and added that slight modifications need to be done prior to the official lunching.

She noted that they (UNDP) will move around the platform after the presentation in order to get a better sense of what is inside and then catalogue what they would want to see in it and then share that with the Ministry of Youths who will then share with DSTI.

The Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed Orman Bangura stated that initial the idea was to review the youth policy then came the initiative to create the youth platform for in order to get the youth participating in their affairs.

Minister Orman noted that the meeting was to present to UNDP what has been generated by DSTI and then wait on what the UNDP will suggest in order to get a perfect platform.

He stated that the young Sierra Leoneans who have put together the platform can do anything beyond what they have done so far if they are given the opportunity and resources to perform.


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