By Alieu Kondoh

Ngolo Katta, commissioner, National Youth Commission (NAYCOM) has interacted with cross section of Fourah Bay College students at the Mass Communications Department.

In his opening statement, katta told students that it is an opportunity for the Commission to be engaging students on the priorities and plans of the commission for the next five years.

He explained that the National Youth commission came into being through a statutory instrument of Act no. 11 of 2009 which brings into existence the commission and its commissioner and deputy commissioner.

In a way to let slum dwellers know about how they can better improve their lives, the commissioner said he has dedicated some part of his Friday’s activities to interact with youth in the slum areas.

He added that the Youth commission wants to create employment opportunities for young people, provide youth skills, programs and provide the focal point for drug abuse and it related problems.

He said his commission is working on a strategic document on how to handle youth issues in the country and develop a conditioning mechanism which has not been effectively working over the years.

Katta averred that the Youth Affairs Ministry guides the Youth commission and leads them on the political front, put together they make policies that ended up becoming laws.

He said their priorities for the next five years are to ensure that many youths are engaged in some form of education and that the president’s free education package is a critical milestone in achieving that will enable many youths to go to school, create a skill development and technical and vocational studies that will create enough manpower for national development.

“Another priority is to create business development opportunities for youths,’’ he pointed out.

He said the commission will be engaging on a wide range of training for business services and that the issue of innovation will also be looked at in relation with the Ministry of Youth Affairs.

He added that sexual reproductive health for young people is another priority.

He said youth are very sexually active and HIV and STDs are on the increase and that is the reason they will be providing the needed information that is required for young people to take in order to make a wise decision.

Katta said they will also be looking at issue around participation and governance and they are working with tertiary institutions to bring back students union because he said young people need to participate in politics and they will also be looking at policy and institutional development processes.


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