The Ministry of Youth Affairs (MOYA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) have started the implementation of chiefdom youth farms in fourteen (14) districts in the country.

This was made known through a release from the Ministry of Youth Affairs informing the public of the development in question.

That the implementation of the Chiefdom Youth Farm project is designed by the Government of Sierra Leone in order to alleviate unemployment among young people and also boost the production of rice in the country.

That the enrolment of the project will create employment opportunities for Ten Thousand (10,000) young people with Fifty (50) in each Chiefdom during the farming season with the potential to create further opportunities for value chain addition.

It has been projected that the Ministry of Youth Affairs will cultivate Eight Thousand (8,000) hectares of rice farm with Forty (40) hectares in each chiefdom.

That selected youth groups will be provided with seedlings, fertilizers, machines, training on modern agriculture techniques, growth enhancement and farm implements to support their farm activities. 

“This is a way of empowering youths to be self -sufficient and to become players in the private sector and contribute to national economic growth,” the Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed Orman Bangura affirmed.

That it is in this regard that the Ministry of Youth Affairs is inviting all Paramount Chiefs, three (3) Chiefdom Youth Council Executive Member per Chiefdom, District Officers, District Agricultural Officers and two (2) District Youth Council Members to a meeting to discuss the rollout of the project.