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In a country where sycophantic adoration is the order of the day, SALONE TIMES has taken upon itself through its editorial observation and judgment to be publishing the ministers it deems not performing well for under review. Below is he list of this year’s worst performing minister 2019:

CHIEF MINISTER: Sierra Leoneans don’t seem to know the exact function of Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister perhaps because they see it as an office that is not meaningful at all or because the holder of the office has not make it meaningful. Professor David Francis, a former British academic is the holder of the job of Chief Minister in Sierra Leone. It is reported recently that development partners including the British development agency DFID has asked the President to close that office because it is very much unnecessary.  The only job Sierra Leoneans believe the Chief Minister has been doing is to be travelling with the President in his countless number of frequent-fast travelling.

FINANCE MINISTER: The current hardship in the country is nothing to write home about as things are becoming unbearable for the ordinary Sierra Leonean.

Jacob Jusu Saffa is the Minister of Finance and was one of the campaign spokespeople of the government who made lofty promises about tackling the bread and butter issues, making analogies about a plate of cookery which in almost two years in office he has failed to fulfill. Most Sierra Leoneans believe that Jacob Jusu Saffa should have been shown the exit doors as inflation continues to soar. He was also recently slammed for putting a non-accountable imprest in the 2020 Finance Act which the President took back to Parliament after public outcry.

ATTORNEY GENERAL AND MINISTER OF JUSTICE: Priscilla Shawatz is the current Attorney General and Minister of Justice in Sierra Leone. Her performance has been below the average. Her statement in the launching of the Commission of Inquiry of past government official is less to be desired. Her recent brawl in the Law School Saga created a situation in which the integrity of the Law School was compromised. Senior Lawyers in the country questions her action and dubbed it as unlawful.  The AG was seen transforming the Bar Association Dinner to a political rally at Dove’s Court Market, a lawyer said.

MINISTER OF MINES: Foday Rado Yokie is the Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources and ever since he was appointed, he has been fighting mining companies in the country which has led to the closure of mining companies with devastating effect on the ordinary Sierra Leoneans. His recent “ unlawful” ban on SL Mining, a subsidiary of Gerald Group has seen Sierra Leone facing a huge legal debacle in the International Commercial Court.

MINISTER OF POLITICAL AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS:  Perhaps it is the office that is not important in Sierra Leone. Dr. Foday Yumkella is the current Minister of Political Affairs. He has only been seen or heard off in a recent local council bye-election in Kambia district. Yumkella is just occupying space as even his organization of the Bintumani 3 is yet to yield dividend as Sierra Leoneans are waiting for the white paper.


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