It was an epoch-making event as a provincial club in Sierra Leone became the first club to own its club house and secretariat in the country.

The clubhouse and secretariat was unveiled by His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio last Friday 21st May in Bo District.

Just like the energy and competition Russian Business Tycoon Roman Abramovich brought to the English Barclays Premier League in 2003, it is the same energy and competition that Babadi Kamara has brought to Bo Rangers Football Club in Freetown and football in general.

It is for this reason, the Minister of sports, Ibrahim Nyelenkeh described Babadi Kamara as the Roman Abramovićh of Sierra Leone, noting that, ‘’Babadi as the Roman Abramovićh of Sierra Leone Football has increased the values in players,’’ he disclosed.

Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers Football Club, Babadi Kamara explained that such classic work was done as a result of prudent financial discipline that was put in place by the management of the Bo Rangers and with the support of few stakeholders.

He explained that football keeps young people away from drugs and crime, noting that, he took over Bo Rangers in a challenging time with a Bank account of 10 Million Leones to a Bank account of over 1 Billion Leones now.

He said that when he took over, he had three priorities- setting the structure of the club, building a club house and winning the premier league, highlighting that they have achieved two with the Premier League remaining.

‘’Football infrastructure is challenging in Sierra Leone. Investing in football infrastructure will develop the skills of young people,’’ he stated.

Board Chairman of the Club, Paramount Chief Boima called on others to emulate the discipline Babadi Kamara is bringing into football.

Unveiling the Clubhouse and Secretariat, President Julius Maada Bio said that such development is what they want to inspire people to do.

He stated that the players must translate all this structure into energy to perform in the field and make the team the best.

‘’This is a very good example that other clubs must emulate as all the clubs in the country are my own,’’ the President noted.