By: Austine Luseni

As I stood and scanned with interest works going on on a massive structure which is expected to serve as a clubhouse for Bo Rangers, I concluded without any iota of hesitation that Bo Rangers are on course to making history .

The pride of the south are odds on to become the first football club in Sierra Leone to own a clubhouse. Thanks to the remarkable vision and clairvoyant leadership of Mr Babadi Kamara who is the Chairman of Bo Rangers Football Club.

The massive and imposing edifice which is under construction will give Bo City and Bo Rangers an edge over other cities and their football clubs. Mr Babadi Kamara truly deserves a pat on the back for this stride. He has shown himself to be the man of the people and for the people. He is focused on developing every facet of life in Bo and in improving the lives of residents.

This construction project has created jobs for the people of Bo as hundreds of them have been employed. The building, when completed and commissioned for its intended purpose, will serve as a morale booster to the heroes and fans of Bo Rangers.

Mr Babadi Kamara and his dedicated team are actually putting Bo and Bo Rangers on the map and raising the bar so high for other cities and their football clubs.


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