by Mahmud Tim Kargbo

The antics of a lying, clannish and dense regime rooted in propaganda is busted by amongst other factors, the following: the daily revelation of large-scale corrupt practices by high officers of the previous Ernest Bai Koroma administration; and the hunger decimated the Sierra Leonean population; and several others minuses Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans were then saddled with under a government that had sailed into power on the wings of the perceived ‘uprightness’ and ‘integrity’ imbued in the person of the President of the country.

With Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara in the thick of the Freetown City Council negotiations, my long held assertion that Ernest Bai Koroma had handpicked the type of person he had considered a corpse (Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara) and person of suspect political acumen as Presidential aspirant of the All People’s Congress, to succeed him (Koroma’s reign of evil), with the sole purpose of making Sierra Leoneans relish his hideous tenure with nostalgia, continues to be corroborated by Samura Kamara’s active participation in the well exploitative contract of the New Freetown City Council building.

The former APC presidential candidate is one character who’s yet to make his confession known to Sierra Leoneans, and hopefully he will soon be shamed into speaking out as a result of his direct complicity in the rot and exposure as a spurious character. If Kamara comes out with the truth, Sierra Leoneans will surely be astounded. The several exploitative contracts which he used to hoodwinked tax payers (whilst Sierra Leone Finance Minister) under the guise of ‘Protecting his job by pleasing his boss at the expense of tax payers’.

These confessions are very vital for our contraptions development. Perhaps, and only perhaps, Sierra Leoneans will begin to appreciate the level of rascality inherent in those who have held, and continue to occupy, the highest political offices in our land.

Government of Ernest Bai Koroma said the Freetown City Council building cost Sixty Million United States dollars ( for 16 floors). The question are:

How comes the said building cost tax payers almost four million United States dollars per floor? Was the value for money observed in the negotiations of the said contract? Assuming the contract was meant for South Korean companies, was their a competitive bidding process for these companies?

Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma, your incompetence, inefficiency, cluelessness, nepotistic tendencies, lies and general unfitness when presiding over Sierra Leone is still tearing Sierra Leone further and further apart – most will agree the contraption is now dangerously tilting over the edge at a precipice.

For quite awhile, discerning observers became aware that the previous Sierra Leonean government was propped up by a well oiled propaganda machinery, draconian threats and acts of intimidation akin to what transpired during the old APC era. There is however a limit to which propaganda, threats and intimidation can be used as cardinal pedestals upon which a territory can be governed.

Ernest Bai Koroma, Sir, with all due respects, you are humbly urged to make one sacrifice for the benefit of Sierra Leoneans:
Resign from active politics! Go and rest!! Go and enjoy your retirement!!!