From the on set, when a young professional IT engineer was appointed by President Bio to be the deputy DG at Sierra Leone Cable Network (SALCAB), his appointment was faced with hurdles.

What has now been described as the UK Cabal in the government of President Bio refused to give Daniel Sellu his letter of appointment upon the weak grounds that because SALCAB had no deputy Director General before, it should not have any either.

One Presidential Aide allegedly told Daniel Sellu that he (as if he is the President) will find somewhere else for Daniel Sellu.

When Sellu was finally given his letter of appointment, he met another resistant in his office, report states.

His boss, Mohamed Kebbay refused to work with him (Sellu) and he was given an office not befitting his status and even his salary was not paid for over six months expect when the complaints reached the Minister of Information and Communication and later the President.

It was only after a meeting of sector leaders was summoned by the President that Daniel Sellu was given a befitting office but yet still he was not given any access to the management mail despite he was Deputy Director General.

When the UK Cabal in State House saw that they have a failed, a fictitious claim was made by a senior state house staffer that the Deputy DG refused to work with his DG and that he has handed over documents to the ACC.

Come to think of it, even if Sellu is the whistle-blower of an alleged corruption at SALCAB will the ACC expose him? Food for thought.

The fake claim that was made by the senior state house staffer came after the said staffer stated that the late father of the present DG, was his boss and that he owed his son even to the pointing of destroying another young man.

Later, a letter purported to have come from state house but failed to copy people who were copied on the appointment letter was sent to Sellu that he is being fired.

This said letter presents a picture of our people in the office of the President tend to behave.  It is believed by many grassroots supporters of the SLPP that the UK Cabal around the presidency is the problem in the country.

By all intents and purposes, President Bio should be aware of some of the Diaspora in his administration and look at how most of them failed former President Koroma.

Whether or not the situation at SALCAB will be reversed, the President should aware of how people in the corridors of power tend to misbehave.

Details of the said letter, procurement details of SALCAB new office, the 500 school internet project and the recent plan to lease the fiber optic will be published in subsequent editions.


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