Waterloo Politics WhatsApp Group- a group which is strategically staged to discuss the political and socio- economic development of Waterloo, the district Headquarters of the Western Area Rural District, has on Friday 22th May, 2020, donated Three Thousand (3,000) facemasks and fifteen (15) bags of rice to the Western Area Rural District Council.

The reason for the donation was to aid the strides of the district council in containing COVID-19 in the district.

In his submission during the handing over ceremony, Chief Administrator of the WhatsApp group, Junisa Tony Kallon said that Waterloo Politics is a WhatsApp forum that holds a membership of different political divides in the country, journalists, CSOs and a host of other concerned Sierra Leoneans.

“The Group discusses issues of national interest in the Western Rural District and the country at large. But we don’t only want to be discussing. We also want to be helping where we can,” he noted, adding that the donation was funded out of financial contributions of the group’s membership.

The Western Area Rural District Council Chairman Kasho J. Holland Cole received the donation on behalf of his Council.

In his statement, Chairman Cole thanked members of the forum for the initiative and referred to the donation as a laudable venture.

He pointed out that the essence of the group is to ensure the peaceful coexistence of different political groups in the district noting that he is also a member of the group.

“It’s good we are not allowing politics to divide us. I am very happy and grateful for that. With these donations, we would help in the enforcement of the laws set out by government to fight COVID-19. If we can give three thousand facemasks to people who go to the market, I am sure it’s a good start to ensure enforcement,” he maintained.

“The donation is timely as it came at a time when we are about to enforce the wearing of facemasks in public transport and market places, so we will use the facemasks to give to people especially those who can’t afford to buy.”

He stated that the rice would be under the supervision of the administration and they would figure out areas where it would be needed.

“Let us continue this way. Let continue to have political tolerance,” he pleaded.

He encouraged everyone, especially journalists to assist in the fight against COVID-19.


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