The Office of the Vice President has exposed a deceitful act that was made by the Socfin Agricultural Company which is operating in Pujehun District.

This was made known by the Office of Vice President in their public notice dated Sunday 5th April 2020.

That the Socfin Agricultural Company made a request to the government through the Office of the Vice President to be given the concession to operate during the Three (3) days Lockdown in consideration of the impact on agricultural products.

That Socfin went ahead and put out a notice that they (Socfin) have been given the mandate or the approval to work during the Three (3) days National Stay at Home declaration.

“It is unfortunate to learn that inconsistent with the advice of the Office of Vice President, the SOCFIN Management issued a notice of having secured the approval to work during the three days National lockdown,” the notice stated.

That the notice put out by Socfin is not true and completely misrepresented the Office of the Vice President as there is no such approval to Socfin.


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