Ummah Welfare Trust has provided US$450,000 for Muslim leaders in Moyamba district last Saturday 2 February at the district mini stadium.

Ummah Welfare Trust is an Islamic philanthropist organization based in the United Kingdom and was brought into Sierra Leone by popular muslim advocate Alhaji Musa Tarawally.

One of the coordinators of the Trust, thanked the Almighty Allah for such an opportunity for the staff of the masjid and emphasized that each of the 750 masjid workers including imams and deputy imams across Moyamba district will receive the sum of 5 million Leones.

He stressed that the moneys are for the individuals and that they should not give it to anyone because it is giving in their personal capacity to ensure that they continue their good works in the mosques.

In his statement, Alhaji Musa Tarawally explained that he met Ummah Welfare Trust 3 years ago  and cajoled them to come and help Muslims in Sierra Leone, noting that, they have now registered Ummah Welfare Trust in Sierra Leone to help the vulnerable Muslims.

He explained that  his grandfather, who was a Waliehu (Teacher) brought Islam to Moyamba District and that all those good things which his grandfather brought to the district has benefitted him.

“Allah has created the opportunity for big blessing. After we registered as an organization, the first district we came to is Moyamba. The imams that have been going hungry will no longer go hungry,” Musa Tarawally stated.

He furthered that this help has brought wealth to Moyamba district as every chiefdom in the district will have at least 250 Million Leones, noting that they should invest the money.

He thanked President Bio and his Government for creating the enabling environment for such to happen and that the moneys will help the President’s flagship progamme of providing free quality education.

According to Musa Tarawally, if the moneys are invested, it will help the parents to be able to provide food for their children

“Hold Islam with two hands. Go to the mosque and pray. Imam will no longer be poor,” Musa Tarawally advised.

Last year alone, Ummah Welfare Trust provided support to Muslims in Sierra Leone to the tune of $US1.5M


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