Sierra Leone is a unique country so are the people who have some unique attributes which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.
Dixon Pen will want to wish the readers happy and prosperous new year because 2018 was very difficult as all the economic analyses did not translate into money in the pockets and purses of the common man and woman in the streets but they still hope that 2019 will be a very good year.
Here, the politicians take the people for granted. They will tell the people that they are going to reduce the wage bill when in opposition but no sooner they are elected, than they began to give jobs to the boys and girls.
Recently, State House gave appointment to a cousin of the President as project manager together with two other party people at the Ministry of Water Resources. The jobs that were dished out to them, when they were supposed to have been advertised but nothing like that happened.
Similar thing was done at Sierra Leone Ports Authority in which jobs that should have been advertised were not advertised rather they were given to party poodles by the Chairman of the National Commission for Privatization just like that.
This is Sierra Leone where poor people will celebrate someone called upon to answer to questions of corruption while in office. People thronged behind Palo Conteh when he was called upon to answer to questions on billions of Leones that were misappropriated during his term in office as minister of defence. In other country people shy away from people that have been named in corruption but this is just Sierra Leone.
This is Sierra Leone where someone is yet to prove that he owns a bank but some people in the corridors of power conspiratorially decided to use their powers to give it to him. When the Bank Managing Director, Assiatu Jalloh decided to stand for the truth, she was kept behind bars for no reason. It is believed that Assiatu Jalloh has filed papers to the high court against the Bank Governor for contempt of Parliament. It is only in Sierra Leone that things of such nature are done.
This is Sierra Leone where all the staff of an institution will be sacked in a single day and asked to re-apply just because they are perceived as opposition supporters. What happened at National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM) in which all the staff of the institution were sacked in a single day and asked to re-apply is bad precedent. I am made to understand that the same thing was done at Decentralization Secretariat and other government institutions.
This is Sierra Leone where truth is only true when it is politically convenient. When Former President Koroma unlawfully sacked the elected Vice President Sam Sumana, President Bio who was then a flag bearer aspirant of the now ruling SLPP described the sacking of Sam Sumana as unlawfully. The whole SLPP believed that decision of the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone was wrong. Their views were further espoused in the New Direction Manifesto of President Bio where he states that “this blatant and reckless governance style has ushered in a total breakdown of law and order at all levels. Corruption and disregard for the rule of law have also been rampant since the unconstitutional sacking of the elected Vice President.”
President Bio also emphasized such belief that the Supreme Court decision was wrong in his first speech to parliament but now it seems as if the SLPP who was seeing Sam Sumana as hero is now looking at Sumana as villain. The APC on the other hand is now seeing someone they molested as hero because he decided to forgive Koroma.
Few days ago, someone who when no one believed in former President Koroma, stood by him is now being lampooned by the APC just because he encouraged all to attend the Commission of Inquiry and to stop playing the tribal and regional card. SLPP who were saying all sorts of stuff against Victor Foh are now hailing him while the APC are condemning him. Well, this is Sierra Leone.
This is Sierra Leone where a young man called Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai has ignited football again after four years without National League in the country.
I am hoping to see people at the different venues where premier league football will be playing as Mighty Blackpool is ready to clinch the title.


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