The Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Retired Lieutenant Lahai Lawrence Leema was recently in Kamakwie in what he described as a border security check, which was a great move by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but, I wish to draw your attention Mr. Minister, that making your stop in Kamakwie, you were 38 – 40 miles away from the border town which is Sanya three miles away from Madina-Oula town from the Guinea end.

Well, it is based on evidence that government functionaries are almost always prevented from going through Thambakha Chiefdom, this is due to the poor road network coupled by the nonfunctional ferry service at the river between Sella Limba (Kamakwie), and the Thambakha Chiefdom from the Guinea end in the North West Region of the Country. These two problems; Poor road network and the nonfunctional ferry service formed the basis for this write up.

According to history, the 38- 40 miles’ road from Kamakwie to the Guinea Border through the Thambakha Chiefdom has not gone through major rehabilitation since the time it was manually constructed by community people at around 1957,  hence making it death trap for the thousands of citizens that trek on it on daily basis.

The current condition of the road is worse now than ever before due to rains, and this has impacted negatively on the living conditions of the people, in the area of transporting their products from place to place, accessing medical service and a lot more.

As I write, Thambakha Chiefdom has been cut off from the rest of Sierra Leone from the Kamakwie end, because the ferry linking the two has stopped working for a while now.

The problem of the ferry has been around for a while now, as most of the Local Unit Commanders of the Sierra Leone Police that have worked in Kamakwie have always mentioned the issue of the ferry as a major factor militating against security move in the Thambakha Chiefdom.

Apart from the security aspect, the people of Thambakha Chiefdom get their food supply from Kamakwie especially the staple food.

With the current situation, they hardly get food supply, and the one that they receive is very expensive (as expected.) Besides, this is harvest time of some of their farm products such as pepper that they supply to the Sierra Leone Market, but this is not possible at this time of the year. At a time like this, it is but clear that addressing the said issues is but a necessity

At this very moment, the people of Thambakha are not asking for much from the New Direction of President Bio, they are merely asking for their road to be fixed including the ferry system and it hoped that this will happen soonest.

Please President Bio, Fix our road. Fix our ferry system.

Note: Thambakha Chiefdom is one of the Chiefdoms in the newly found Karene District, due to its size, the recent boundary delimitation divided the Chiefdom into two; Upper and Lower Thambakha.  It serves as the boundary between Sierra Leone and Guinea from the North West Region.


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