A memorandum circular from State House dated 17th September 2018 from the Secretary to President, Julius F. Sandy clarifying the enumeration of Chairpersons for Board, Parastatals and Commissions has sent shock waves down the spines of many SLPP Presidential appointees.

According to the circular, the Secretary to President ordered Permanent Secretaries and heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies to ensure that no monthly salaries are paid to Non-Executive Chairmen/Chairpersons henceforth.

He maintained that they are only entitled to sitting fees/allowances as deemed appropriate.

According to reports, going by the dictates of the directives of the Secretary to President, already, the Le 30 million paid to the Chairperson of NRA Board, Tuma Jabbie has been stopped with immediate effect and told to return her official vehicle.

Also affected among others, is the Chairman of NATCOM, who also doubles as the Leader and Chairman of the SLPP, Dr. Prince Harding, whose $USD 5,000 salary has been stopped and ordered to vacate his office and return his official vehicle.

However, we have gathered that State House has overturned the decision regarding Dr. Prince Harding, explaining that his own position is a Presidential Executive Appointment and should continue doing his work with all his remuneration intact.

The Board Chairman of Sierra Leone Ports Authority, Hon. Manso Dumbuya, who is also affected by the State House directives, is reported to have refused to comply, saying it is politically motivated and ill-advised.

He is said to have refused to hand over his official vehicle, claiming that he is going to consult with President Bio who appointed him to that position.

The sneeze from State House that has caused many presidential appointees to cough, according to some SLPP members, it will lead to further discord among party stalwarts and big-guns, who says such appointments without the required remuneration is absurd.


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