Election in a place called SALONE is an interesting one and it seems as if all the gains the country has made is eroding by the day.

Now elections can be stolen from the people PaOpaly in a broad day light by a desperate government that want people to believe that they have been accepted by the people PaOpaly.

How on earth can people pre-marked ballot papers and even when they were caught those ballot papers were accepted by the electoral commissioner?

By the way SONKOH-SONKOH heard that BENTO, the guy who abandoned the roads to campaign against the party that gave him all what he has just because of survival bribed people and even bought new bikes for some of the young people in TONKO.

SONKOH SONKOH even heard that he is the one responsible for the pre-marked ballot papers that has ended becoming a classical electoral fraud in SALONE.

People thought the GREEN DIRECTION will be different but it is just as terrible as the RED AGENDA.

Leh God hep SALONE yah.


U seewatinAR see? BRIGADIER go HAVARD! After the lecture at prestigious HAVARD, BRIGADIER engaged with John Havard in a very fruitful discussion- I am talking about the Statue of John Havard and they had fruitful conversation.


BRIGADIER: I am fine but I like your shoe

JOHN HAVARD: Why do you like the shoe? This is an old shoe you know and yours is good.

BRIGADIER: John but yours is made of Gold and I want it so that my people will know that I visited Havard.

JOHN HAVARD: Hahahahahaha BRIGADIER but you informed them that you are coming to the USA and Harvard in particular. You don’t need to show them any evidence now.

BRIGADIER: John, you don’t know what you are talking. Those Tolongbo people are crazy and they will want to see evidence before they believe.

JOHN: Where I am sitting now I cannot stand up o! So I don’t know what you will do?

BRIGADIER: John you know what I will do?


BRIGADIER: I will take a photo with you with my hands on your shoe so that I will be able to have goodluck and when my people see it they will know I came to Harvard.

JOHN: Go ahead!

BRIGADIER posed with JOHN HAVARD while people around began to laugh at BRIGADIER.


Hmmmm! Ay Fatim! Di Pa imbiznessnaim u pull na do so for watin? Mother of the nation is fast becoming GRACE MUGABE by saying anything that comes to her mind and later tried to do damage control.

Fatim said she does not have it and that all her siblings don’t have it but that she has been doing fine.

She said that she is in support of the practice as it is part of the culture.

FATIM thinks running a government is like acting a movie.

She does not know that one comment from someone like her that is very close to the BREGADIER could raise eyebrows. She should know when, where and how to talk or else she will continue to embarrass BREGADIER.

BREGADIER imbizness nor for cam na do at all but o yah wae u get boku tok wef!


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