On radio democracy this morning, Umarau Napoleon Koroma, Executive Chair of National Privatization Commission (NCP), Kabinneh Kallon, Minister of Transport said that  Golden Dragon is coming to invest in 200 Buses in Sierra Leone through RDC Company Limited- that will eventually run the buses, facts on RDC website have exposed the duo that the said Ghanian Company which was registered in 2013 in Ghana is not operating bus service rather they deal in sales and importation of automobile.
*About RDC*
*RDC Company Limited is a trading company dealing in the sales and importation of various brands of automobile and parts. *
It was founded in 2013, following the expansion of both the industrial and private sector and the need for both private and corporate entities to be mobile for business and private purposes.
RDC is a privately owned Ghanaian and it is the premier destination for quality vehicles. Our strategy makes it easy to get customized made purposed built vehicles for our clients. Because we source our vehicles from all over the world, our clients can choose from a wide variety of options ranging from classic cars, trucks, industrial cars and more. Developing long term relationships with our clients is also of the utmost importance to us.
More revelations will be made shortly


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