Just recently, some loyalists of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) have been engaged in what many people have described as mind blowing session as they vented out their frustration concerning the attitude of party administrators at the helm of affairs.

This was made known through a voice audio by the Regional Women’s Leader North West Region for the SLPP, Haja Margaret Kargbo and others.

Expressing their frustration, they accounted that people at the top are no longer making themselves accessible which is contrary to what used to happen prior to the coming to office of the SLPP in 2018.

That the promised that was made by the party that those who will suffer with the party will surely reap the benefit at the end of it has not been made possible as there are people now in the governance structure who now benefiting who did not suffer to bring the party to power.

That some of them campaigned to their people with the hope that the SLPP will change things when they come to power which is yet to be the case.

That people with whom they were together in the same campaign trail during the 2018 election, who are now occupying top government position are not responding to their calls today.

That some of them used their personal resources just to see that the SLPP come to power not to talk of the risks they took and that today the payback is one which is counterproductive.

They warned that people who are in top positions of trust need to mindful of the actions as they will sooner or later turn those that they are now neglecting to canvass for their votes.

That some their actions clearly undermine the vision of the President who has appointed them into those positions of trust to do the needful.


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