The Minister of Lands and Country Planning, Dennis Sandy has been named to have been illegally involved in the just concluded re-run Bye-Election in Constituency 110.

This was made known by a Coalition of Civic and Non-Governmental Organizations, the National Election Watch (NEW) which monitored the entire electioneering process.

NEW confirmed that Dennis Sandy was at one of the polling centers at Kent even though he had no business to have been there as he has no accreditation for that purpose.

The NEW boss, Marcella Samba Sesay stated that the presence of political party officials in the area of polling centers who were not accredited to be there undermines not only the elections processes but also undermines the work of the police.

She stated that the Dennis Sandy was at the polling center with two men who were dressed in black, and he was also with a military personnel.

She added that there were no other military personnel within the area except the one who was there with Sandy noting that military personnel had no business with the process which was only meant for accredited people.

Responding to the concerns raised against him, Dennis Sandy maintained that he was there as the coordinator and supervisor for his party, the SLPP adding that his role was that of providing logistics to accredited party agents of his party.

Making clarification on the issue, he (Sandy) stated that there were other high-profile personalities who were also present at the scene and that even officials of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) party where there who can attest that he was outside of the polling center.

He also noted that there were some officials of the APC who where there without accreditation just like him, but that they were not mentioned by NEW.

He added that he asked NEW to do a retraction of the statement which indicted him unjustly.

According to the Public Relations Person of National Electoral Commission (NEC), Albert Massaquoi all people who are to be present at polling centers be it within or outside of it should be accredited.