The recently held congress of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) at Kenema reportedly ended inconclusively on the weekend.

According to reports, the congress began immediately after the national cleaning and that some people were banned from entering the hall on some far-fetched grounds of match fixing.

That the congress went into chaos when it became clear to the current executive that they don’t have the required delegates to win any congress and that as such, began to employ smart practices to rig the congress.

As usual this was done with the complicit of the FIFA rep who was to observe the process but ended up becoming a participant and supported the skewed process of electing judicial bodies.

It is believed that even before concerns were raised with regards the nomination and deliberation of judicial members , the FA took upon themselves to read out a surreptitious list  that is made of some opposition politicians and people who had knowledge about football in the country.

Majority of the delegates questioned the process which ended up in chaos and the Secretary General reportedly closed the congress unilaterally.

Speaking to NEW AGE, Chris Kamara debunked the report and stated that everything ended well and that they resolved on the budget and the judicial bodies.


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