Sierra Leone government owned, controlled and operated Telecoms Company, Sierratel has been described by the people as the Worse Telecommunication operator in the country.

According to consumers, although the situation of telecommunication operations in Sierra Leone is bad but that the government owned Sierratel is worse than the average.

They stated that there is little or no improvement at Sierratel as the Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) service which they are operating is a mess and at the same time makes them incapable of competing with other mobile companies.

People who are using the Sierratel modem to surf the internet claimed that the modem is very slow and ineffective.

They maintained that when Sierratel initially came with what they called 4G Modems, they were very fast but that no soon they have got huge costumers than they began to fall in terms of service.

The company loaned huge amount of money to invest in the 4G Network service but that has come to nothing because it is yet to pay the loan while the service which they brought has not yielded any fruits.

Many people believed that Sierratel should be able to improve their service or else government should think of privatizing the institution.

They say that there is no sign that the new management of the new direction government at Sierratel will improve anything as the current Managing Director, Senesie Kallon is very weak to bring in serious reforms.


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