Minister of Technical and Higher Education, Professor Aiah Gbakima


It is believed that politics has eaten into the fabrics of the Sierra Leonean society to the point that Sierra Leone is destroying its human resource base.

Succeeding governments have been using politics to empower their own people even in cases when they know that they are square pegs in round holes.

This is what exactly happened with this year’s Commonwealth Scholarship that is tenable in the United Kingdom as majority of the people in the Sierra Leone quota were rejected.

Interestingly, among the 27 applicant for the scholarship it was only 6 Sierra Leoneans that were selected for the scholarship, leaving serious questions about the whole process of scholarship in Sierra Leone.

10 people from Sierra Leone were considered as flops and unfit to carry out their post graduate commonwealth scholarship for failing to provide supporting documents, insufficient reference and incomplete transcripts.

9 Sierra Leoneans were also rejected as their nomination were deemed unsuccessful while 2 candidates were priority reserved with queries.

This has caused huge outburst amongst Sierra Leoneans about the way and manner in which politicians have been giving undue advantage to their supporters as against the general good.

Commonwealth Scholarships are normally for the best brains in commonwealth countries mostly people who have first class degrees in their undergraduate programmes to do post- graduate studies  so that they will come back and help their countries.

It is the responsibility of the Minister of Technical and Higher Education to oversee both international and government scholarships that are approved by government.


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