By Alieu Kondoh

High Court Judge, Justice Komba Kamanda has sentenced one Ibrahim Kargbo to Thirty (30) years imprisonment for sexually penetrating four girls that are under the age of ten.

The convict, Ibrahim Kargbo appeared before Justice Kamanda to answer to four counts charges including sexual penetration of a child and three other charges contrary to the Sexual Offences Act.

The victims in their testimony said that they knew the convict and they dwell in the same surrounding. They explained that on a particular day the convict, Ibrahim Kargbo sent them to purchase a battery for him and when they returned, the convict took them inside his room and penetrate them sexually.

A witness from Rainbow Centre, Matilda King said in her testimony that when she checked the four girls she noticed that the girls have been tampered with.

The convict, Ibrahim Kargbo in his testimony said he knew the four girls and they are his neighbor and that he usually gives them gifts every day after work, but denied that he has never sexually penetrated any of them.

The lawyer for the convict, lawyer M.S. Kallon begged the judge for mercy saying that this is the first time the convict is going against the laws of Sierra Leone. The judge in his ruling said this is a very serious issue noting that all the girls are under the age of ten, noting that the law will be hard on Ibrahim Kargbo.

He sentenced Ibrahim Kargbo to Thirty (30) years imprisonment.


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