By Aruna Momoh Kargbo

A senior prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Koivaya Amara has been named to have been involved in a corrupt gold deal worth Thousands of Dollars.

Reporting reaching the New Age indicated that a Kenyan Citizen by the name of Mohamed Sheikh was duped by K and K Investment which is owned by Ibrahim Kabba and Bemba Kamara.

The report maintained that Koivaya Amara who is a senior investigator at the Commission and was serving as the legal representative of K and K had a hand in the corrupt act that was carried out by K and K.

That about two or more years ago, the Kenyan, Mohamed Sheikh came with investors from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to invest in the country and was duped the sum of Six-One Thousand Dollars ($61,000) by Kabba and his cohorts.

Explaining his ordeal, Mohamed Sheikh stated that Amara and his clients, Ibrahim Kabba and Bemba Kamara tried to deport him illegally in order to silent the issue but that they failed in that attempt.

Amara maintained that he had no idea when the business was done between his client, Kabba and Sheikh adding that he was briefed by Kabba who agreed to enter into a contract of payment for which he (Amara) drafted the payment plan which he took to the police informing them that his client is ready to pay.

He confirmed that the sum of Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000) was paid by his client of which Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000) was made as first payment and Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) as second payment in line with the agreement.

That upon realizing that his client was not honoring the payment plan as agreed, he wrote to the police indicating that he has nothing to do with the matter anymore adding that he did not stand as a surety for his client.

According to the Director of Crimes at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), AIG Brima Jah a mistake was made by the police officer who was looking into the issue by failing to have asked Amara to bring the suspects in the matter to the police before entering the agreement of payment.

AIG Jah noted that Amara can still be brought forward based on the fact that he (Amara) has started an agreement on behalf of his client which is yet be fulfilled.

There is also a document of the payment plan in which Koivaya Amara signed on behalf of his client.

Details next edition.