By Alieu Kondoh

Prior to the Eid-Ul-Fitr celebration that marked the end of Ramadan, the Senator family donated food items and cash to street beggars at the Mountain Cut and Kissy Road Community.

The Interim Chairman, of the Senator Family, Mohamed Dumbuya explained that the Senator Family is a non-governmental organization that consists of members from all walks of life ranging from academics to those involved in trade who reside at Mountain Cut, Peterson Street, Godrich Street, Sackville Street and Kissy Road in Freetown.

He said the organization was formed in 2019 to help vulnerable people in the aforementioned communities.

“We thought it fit to help the less privileged with cups of rice, onions, tomatoes plus cash to observe the “Pray day”, Mohamed Dumbuya maintained.

He added that they were targeting 600 beneficiaries in the above mentioned communities.

He said they will continue to do more for the less privileged in subsequent occasion.

One of the beneficiaries, name withheld explained their sufferings as beggars in the streets, he thanked the Senator family for considering them in times like this and called on other organization to help them with food items and pleaded with the government to take them off the streets.


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