By Thomas Dixon

Confirm Bio Sciences, a leading provider of comprehensive medical screening tools and solutions, and Securiport, a global leader in the design and implementation of civil aviation security, border management, advanced identification, and threat assessment systems have announced that the companies have partnered to offer Confirm Bio Sciences’ rapid COVID-19 testing kits through Securiport’s Epidemic Control System (ECS)

It could be recalled that in 2014, the ECS version 1.0 was developed by Securiport in collaboration with local authorities to combat the Ebola crisis that struck West Africa.

This was done by applying cutting-edge biometric technology and proprietary software, the ECS version 4.0, is now able to manage COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

The system can act as a stand-alone application, or it can be integrated with any existing passenger information system.

 ECS pre-registers, processes and tracks people who may have been exposed to the virus to curb the pandemic.

The partnership with Confirm BioSciences expands ECS capabilities by including high-quality, FDA Emergency Use Authorized COVID-19 rapid testing kits from a company that earned ISO 13485:2016 certification for its quality management system to handle medical devices and related services.

“Our goal is to help our government clients meet 21st century security and safety challenges with the best technologies and tools available,” said Dr. Enrique Segura, President and CEO of Securiport.

Dr Enrique Segura continued that, their partnership with Confirm BioSciences is a great fit during these challenging times as both companies share a strong commitment to the communities they serve.

That the partnership enables Securiport to provide FDA approved products and that they are  pleased to partner with Confirm BioSciences to make these high-quality tests available to their clients around the world.

Confirm BioSciences offers one of the few readily available, U.S.-sourced coronavirus antibody testing products that can be exported from the U.S. for international use.

 The rapid COVID-19 testing kits ranked high in a serological test validation project conducted by the National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease updated on May 28, 2020. Researchers noted that the testing kits offered by Confirm BioSciences are highly specific for coronavirus antibodies, effectively screening out false positives. 

“We’re excited about working with a world-class security solutions and services organization like Securiport to help control the spread of the virus on a global scale,” said Albert Berger, CEO, Confirm BioSciences.

Adding that, “as governments around the world look for ways to keep travelers and citizens safe, advanced technologies like biometrics and top-quality medical testing capabilities can help them keep people protected, and we’re proud to partner with Securiport on their innovative ECS program.”

Securiport is the company that is handling security (profiling of international passengers) at the airport and border crossing points in Sierra Leone, and with the development of this quality testing kits, Sierra Leone will increase it safeguards from Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, last month in Senegal Blaise Diagne International Airport officials intercepted a German national wanted by his country and Interpol on suspected terrorism charges using the Securiport system.

The German citizen was travelling with fake Vietnamese identity documents and had spent time across the African continent. The sophisticated and efficient technology detected the German jihadist in Dakar and was immediately able to track him down and declared him dangerous.

Although the man had visited Kenya and Tanzania and also made brief visit to South Africa, he was unable to beat the sophisticated security application of Securiport in Senegal.