By Alieu Kondoh

The All People’s Congress (APC) 2018 flag bearer, Dr. Samura Kamara has called on the government to relax the inter-district partial lockdown because of the farming season which has just begun.

Dr. Samura Kamara made this statement in a meeting with journalists when distributing over 1,500 bags of rice and other items which cost over Le200, 000, 000 to Muslim communities across the country and also to poor people in the West Area of Freetown.

Dr. Kamara said the inter-district partial lockdown instituted by the government in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus is affecting poor farmers across the country, noting that he is certain that the government should come to the realization that they should have a combination and delicate balance between the fight against the spread of Covid 19 and also the social and economic survival of the people, as hunger is a threat towards the fight against the virus, he maintained.

In his view, the inter-district partial lockdown should be relaxed because this is the farming season and movement of agricultural commodities is highly restricted.

He added that the government should relax the lockdown unless without the lockdown the fight will be fruitless, but he believes that there is a way to strike a balance.

He mentioned that the government do not have to create a measure that will create more hardship on the people than the battle they are fighting.

He called on Sierra Leoneans to support the government and take the precautionary measures health workers have instituted to fight virus, as the Covid fight is everybody’s fight, he ended.


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