Lawyer of  Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam Sumana, former vice president of Sierra Leone has official written to President Bio on the removal of state security guards to the former Vice President.

According to the Lawyer Koighor Aloysious Foh, he has been consulted and his services retained by Chief Samuel Sam Sumana for which instructions were given him.

That President Bio should know that on November 27 2017, the ECOWAS Court of Justice sitting in Abuja on the removal of his client from office as Vice President of Sierra Leone by the then President and the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone as unconstitutional and Void.

That the President should also be advised that Sierra Leone being a party to the ECOWAS Protocol, including the protocol that established the ECOWAS court of Justice is bound by the decision of the court.

In that circumstances the lawyer explained that his client demands that all privileges of a former Vice President including arrangements for his security be made continuously available to him forthwith.

That if these demands are not met within 72 hours of the receipt of this letter, he will advise his client to seek other avenues for vindicating his right without recourse to you

“That I am further instructed to notify and advise you accordingly as I await your compliance,” the lawyer maintained.

It could be recalled that the Inspector General of Police, Richard Moigbeh ordered the withdrawal of the security details of the former Vice President Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana.

Political analysts have said that the pressure is very early for the government of President Bio and if they failed to respect the decision of the ECOWAS court, it may cause more embarrassment for the President.


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