As the Coalition For Change (C4C) is facing massive resignation, allegations and counter allegations of corruption have come up in the party to the point that they have named their flagbearer and leader of the party.

This was made known to the public    when two of their senior officials resigned from the party for what they disclosed as lack of transparency, poor communication and dictatorial tendencies in the party.

Public Relations Officer, Alusine Macfoy and Kevin Metzger, one of the legal advisers of the Coalition for Change (C4C) party have both resigned their positions from the party joining the swelling number of resignations on Monday 8 October.

In an interview with a local television, the former legal adviser of the C4C party, Kelvin Metzeger said the rationale behind the resignation of his position as legal adviser was because there was no accountability and transparency in the operations of the party although he still believes in the party and what the party has brought to Sierra Leone.

Alusine Macfoy, former PRO of the C4C party in a similar vein told newsmen that he resigned his position from the party because of  lack of integrity, lack of communication, no focus and the party being run by one man.

He said the good values that was initially espoused by the C4C party have disappeared and there is a big gap in the leadership of the party that is the reason he and three other executive members of the party decided to step aside but they still believe in the ideologies of the party because it is good for the country.

The former PRO added that during the elections, the party fought against the APC party because they wanted change and they unanimously agreed to support the SLPP because they wanted change.

He said the party campaigned on a nation first ideology to get the APC out of power which they did.

To their voters, he said the decision they have taken is for the good of the party and urged them to still believe in the party.

He disclosed that the party set up a committee to investigate corruption allegations involving the leader of the C4C party, Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam Sumana, but he told those investigating the matter that he would not talk to them.

This, he said is a total lack of respect and integrity on the part of the leader and chairman of the party for the rank and file of the party.

Many people in the party believed that the said allegation of corruption involving the C4C Leader  and former Vice President of Sierra Leone, Sam Samuna is not unconnected to the allegation of over 3 Million dollar bribery that was given to Sam Sumana to declare for the APC in the March 27 Presidential Election which prompted him to remain silence.


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