Sierra Leone Procurement Chief, Ibrahim Brima Swaray

Although he did not deny what was written in an article titled, Procurement Chief Rescues Greedy SLPP,  Chief Executive Officer of National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) and published on, Ibrahim Brima Swaray has issued a legal threat on Executive Managing Editor of New Age Thomas Dixon.

“You are in the habit of reporting good things about me in a negative manner,” the CEO Of NPPA stated but the journalist was dumbfounded about what  he has done.

“You said in a Satelite Newspaper WhatsApp group where I get the money from and wasn’t me the guy who was on the Ebola Audit Report,” Swaray added.

That the last time the journalist was paid to write about some recruitment in his office but Dixon responded “didn’t  I  report your side,” Swaray answered on the affirmative, adding, “but you twisted it your own way.”

“You have written negatively on this issue.  I am dissatisfied with your report and my lawyer will sue you,” he stated

When asked whether he donated money to the SLPP, he answered,  Yes I did! it is my party and I will continue to support my party in anyway I can.”

The Executive Managing Editor then said “ I await your lawyer  then.”

It is a fact the Ibrahim Brima Swaray Sierra Leone head of procurement have his name in the Ebola Audit Report and that it was a shock to many progressive Sierra Leoneans that the President would  appoint someone whose name was mentioned negatively in a procurement mishap.


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