Before now, President Maada Bio used to explain the number of people in the delegation for his oversea’s trip but in recent times the President has taken a radical departure.

The deviation from President Bio’s normal practice of transparency in his travelling came after he allegedly gave lift to one Sensie Janneh Tarawally (London Jet) in their visit to Qatar.

Since the alleged lift to London Jet which subsequently embarrassed not only the Presidency but the entire government, President Bio has refused to  inform the public the number of people in his delegation.

As such,  Jacob Jusu Saffa, minister of finance in a special press conference  on Tuesday 11 September failed to answer to questions on the number of people in the President Delegation to China and the amount of money that was spent on the trip.

Rather the finance minister explained that it was a state visit in which half of the expenditure was taken up by Sierra Leone and the other half by China.

’If I can spend 1 Million Dollar to get 40 Million Dollar, I will spend it. We have to go with the number people because each one of us has to attend different meeting at the same time,’’ JJ Saffa maintains

He continued that FOCAC is not like the UN summit where people will take 100 of people for just political speeches.

Also the Press Secretary to the President, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi also failed to state the exact number of the people in President Bio’s visit to China and rather stressed on the importance of such visit to China.

New Age learnt that over 30 people were given fiat for such visit to China by the Ministry of Foreign Affair and International Cooperation.

A Spokesperson for the government had earlier said that the President’s delegation to China is not up to 15.

It could be recalled that the SLPP Government while in opposition condemned the then government of Ernest Bai Koroma for taking huge delegation on his oversea’s visit.



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