The free fall of the Leones to dollar and the current economic hardship in the country have seen citizens calling on the President Bio to dismantle his economic team in the government- Finance Minister Jacob Jusu Saffa, Financial Secretary, Sahr Jusu and Bank Governor Prof. Kelfala Kallon.

According to them, the current economic team of the President is not leaving up to expectation and the confidence the President reposed on them to transform the economy of Sierra Leone.

That majority of the people are leaving in abject poverty and it seems as if the Minister of Finance Jacob Jusu Saffa has forgotten his talks on radio during the campaign period which in less than two years down the line have proven to be empty.

“Where is the bread and butter economy they told us about? Things are getting tough for the ordinary man,” Abubakkarr Kallon  said.

The recent IMF report on Sierra Leone however praised the government for its robust revenue generation but at the same time stated that the overall economic situation in Sierra Leone remains challenging.

During the 100 days’ celebration of  President Bio in Office, the Minister of Finance JJ  Saffa told journalists that the economy would have been okay by September of 2018.

This, Peter Khoyarma said has not been the case as the economy has been going from bad to worse and that the President should take urgent action to sack them

He said that they have not only failed the President but Sierra Leoneans and as such the President should bring in people that work the talk.


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