Director General of Sierra Leone Cable Network (SALCAB) Mohamed Kebbay Jr. has heightened publicity stunt on social media and other traditional media to save him from the sledge hammer of President Bio ever since New Age started writing on some of his undoing in the company.

NEW AGE has been asking question about the 500 School Internet Connectivity Project worth Billions of Leones which was awarded without any form of Competitive Bidding.

From investigation carried out by NEW AGE, this project was supposed to have been put on an International Competitive Bidding but was surreptitiously awarded to AfCOM one of the 7 Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

This project involving cost of equipment cost of installation and maintenance are so huge that it was handed over to AfCOM without any supervised limit or approval by the SALCAB Board and the Minister of Information.

The National Public Procurement Authority Act is very clear about awarding sole-sourcing which was used in the award of Billions of Leones worth 500 School Internet Connectivity Project.

Interestingly, the head of 500 School connectivity project who awarded the contract to AfCOM Kpakima is now working at AfCOM where he is now overseeing the same project he awarded to AfCOM.

This has been described by good governance experts as massive corruption and double standard by SALCAB as they called on the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate SALCAB.

Meanwhile, New Age will publish a fake letter from secretary to the President, the bid to privatize the fiber-optic and others in subsequent publications.


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