By Austin Luseni

The Deputy Minister of Energy, Eldred Taylor has received and presented to the people of Bo and Kenema a fresh consignment of Nineteen (19) containers loaded with electrical items meant for the rehabilitation and expansion project of the Bo-Kenema Network.

Speaking during the ceremony, Taylor stated that he was at Yomandu on behalf of President Bio and the Minister of Energy to receive Nineteen (19) containers of electrical materials for the Bo-Kenema Network Rehabilitation and Expansion Project.

The Deputy Minister recalled the manifesto and campaign promises President Bio made to the people of Bo and Kenema with respect to energy, noting that the project was in line with the genuine steps taken by the government to fulfill those promises.

Taylor said that the Minister of Energy had before this time received and handed over several consignments of materials for the project, adding that the project is now at its physical implementation stage.

He said Bo and Kenema have suffered for far too long in the area of electricity, describing the network in the two cities as one of the most deplorable networks in the country.

He catalogued the benefits the Bo-Kenema Network Rehabilitation and Expansion Project would accrue to the two cities, noting that the project would significantly reduce the technical and line losses in the two cities as well as boost EDSA’s cash flow.

He ended by describing the project as viable and a big game changer.

EDSA’s Regional Head, Southeast, George Seyia, said his Authority is well prepared to monitor the project, adding that EDSA had already designated project engineers to the project.

Ing. Seyia described the quality of the materials received as superior while also noting that the quality of the materials would positively impact genuine desires to improve the network and to enhance commercial gains.

Sinotec’s Project Manager for Lot 2 for the Bo-Kenema Network Project, Miss Tomidon, said the consignment constitute the 6th batch of consignments that they had received for the project and that the materials include 11kv steel poles and all the required fittings for the 11kv works.

She said 40% of materials needed for the 11kv works had been assembled.

The Sinotec Project Manager said that they had also received 30% of all LV materials while also stating that the Coronavirus had posed a very serious challenge to the project by way of delaying shipments of consignments.

The New Direction administration continues to pull all stops in its quest to permanently solve the electricity crisis of the twin cities of Bo and Kenema. And judging by the way things are panning out, it is only a matter of time for that to be achieved.