For the past two years, nothing good has been happening in National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM) as the sacked boss, Maxwell Massaqoui was either on travelling spree or picking fight with people.

Maxwell Massaqoui will be one of the regrets of the President because he was persuaded to appoint someone with questionable credentials and one whose managerial skills is not good specially to manage a place like NATCOM.

When Moussaoui took over NATCOM, he embarked on massive sacking and came with cronies as staff of NATCOM some of whom have no business in the sector.

Massaquoi picked up fight with the Minister of Information and Communication for failing to go through procurement processes for the award of the gateway contract.

Even when he was told that they should settle the matter amicable, Missisquoi’s arrogant posture could not allow him for such as he was all over the place making noise.

When he was even reinstated by the Board before his final sacking, Massqoui antagonized almost everyone in the commission including Daniel Kaitibie.

It was good that President Bio sacked Massaquoi because he was taking NATCOM to the drains.  In such a short spell, he left over 2 Billion Leones debt that NATCOM should pay to a travelling agency allegedly owned by him (Massaqoui), a possible corruption case for the anti-graft agency.

That 2 Billion debt left by Maxwell that should now be paid to him just added to piles of debts  the Commission under the leadership of Maxwell owed to NASSIT, NRA and many other contractors.

One thing that should be noted is the fact that it was Maxwell posture and attitude that got him kicked out of office and not the Deputy, Daniel Kaitibie who was promoted for his hard work and humility.

The onus is now on Kaitibie to reform NATCOM  and set it on a progressive trajectory.

Kaitibie must embark on reforms especially staff reforms because there are many round pegs in square holes and it is this reason that an attack of calumny is being instituted against the Director General.

Kaitibie must ensures that the necessary tweaking is done so that people who will be positioned properly in the commission and those people who have no business in the commission should be shown the door.

Students at Njala University where he used to lecture know Kaitibie as a no nonsense man and he must use that disciplinary approach to ensure that he straightens NATCOM or else his hard earned reputation will be on the line.

Food for Thought.


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