Report reaching NEW AGE Newspaper revealed that the compensation package for the former Chief Justice Abdulai Charm who many believed was pressurized to resign as Chief Justice will take home over 5 Billion Leones as compensation package.

That the Chief Justice resigned as a result of huge political pressure from the Executive arm of government who many believed has summoned the Chief Justice on many occasions to take unethical decision.

That Chief Justice Charm name was deliberately mentioned in the Government Transition Team (GTT) report for a house he bought for which he did not peg the price.

It is believed that it is from this moment that the staged was set for the forced resignation of the Chief Justice Charm.

After that, several meetings have been summoned at State House by the President to ensure that he (Justice Charm) sacked judges and magistrates who have not reached the age of retirement and against the constitution of Sierra Leone.

Family members and close friends of the former  Chief Justice believed that the situation he (Former Chief Justice) had to undergo before of his resignation was terrible for him as it caused Justice Charm enormous trauma.

Before coming to power, President Bio said that he will enhance the independence of the judiciary but what he has done, has cast doubt over such rhetoric.



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