President Bio, Leader of SLPP

Wonders never end as the ruling Sierra Leone People Party is struggling to pay rent in one of its strongholds of Kenema.

It is unclear whether it is a result of  the greedy and stingy attitude of stakeholders in the SLPP or the economic miasma in the country that is affecting the ruling party that to the point it is unable to pay its rent in Kenema.

As such, the SLPP has not paid it rent for some time now in the heartland of it support base to the point that the Kenema people are beginning to make all sorts of comment against the party.

This seemingly disgraceful situation, report says was rescued by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) Ibrahim Brima Swaray.

That last Sunday 22nd December, Swaray paid 28 million Leone annual office rent for the ruling SLPP office at 26 Hangha Road in Kenema.

That this prompted the  SLPP district Chairman Moriba Koroma to confess that the NPPA Chief Executive has always exhibited high humanitarian services to the SLPP party years back in opposition.

He reaffirmed that Swaray who was a civil servant then under the former government of President Koroma has always been covertly sponsoring the SLPP in that district.

That the 28 Million Leone office rent relief is just too enough for him to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a prosperous fashion.

The report continued that in his address,  the NPPA Chief Ibrahim Brima Swaray, said that the SLPP party is an organized group of people,  often with common views to contest elections and hold power in government.

That as an appointed Executive Officer of  NPPA from Kenema District, he is obligated to ensure that the SLPP party office becomes a  society functioning.

That no political relationship will last very long if there is a sense that one or both parties are being selfish and that the only to know how the electorates are feeling is by listening to them.

The report  continued that the procurement czar assured the SLPP family in Kenema of his enormous support to the party as he has recently supported a feeding project of women every Wednesday.


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