Gento Abandons Roads To Campaign For SLPP

Chief Executive Officer of Gento Group, Mohamed GentoKamara has revealed himself as a politician when he (Gento) campaigned for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) at TonkoLimba his home town against the All People Congress(APC) party.
Ahead of the By-Election which is scheduled for the 9th March 2019, Gento was part of the SLPP team that championed the campaign to galvanize support for the SLPP.
He (Gento) campaigned on the ticket that if the people of TonkoLimba want their road to be constructed, they (the people of TonkoLimba) should recognize the presidency of the SLPP and vote in their (SLPP) candidate for the seat.
“What the people of TonkoLimba should realize is that the SLPP is now in charge and therefore should vote them (SLPP) to occupy the seat in order for them (SLPP) to construct the road for us,” Gento stated.
This move by him (Gento) has been viewed by many likeminded Sierra Leoneans as departing from his responsibility of road construction which he is being paid to execute.
The Waterloo Township Road is one of the contracts awarded to Gento which he (Gento) is yet to do justice to as per agreement of the contract forthe construction of the road in question.
As a way of luring the people of TonkoLimba to vote in the SLPP candidate, Gento made a promise that immediately after the election; he will bring his machines to start the road construction.
He (Gento) used the slogan of the SLPP (PAOPA) as a way of assuring the people of TonkoLimba that the construction of their (TonkoLimba) road will be a thing of the past.
“As your child, I am promising you that immediately after the election, I will come with my machines to construct the road,” he promised.