By Alieu Kondoh

Head of Media, Sierra Leone Police Supt. Brima Kamara has explained to journalists that the police are investigating the Mile 91 incident that left 29 years old Abdul Kaimbay Kamara dead and 28 people injured.

According to Supt. Kamara, the police were on Operation Green Weed to look for cannabis (Jamba) and other illegal substance at a village in Mile 91 when report broke out that someone has been shot dead.

He said the police have the requisite training to police the people of Sierra Leone and they manifested that during the just concluded 2018 elections and that the allegation that the police is responsible for the death of Abdul Kaimbay Kamara is under investigation.

He added that the Local Unit Commander (LUC) at Mile 91 was not informed about the operation because they wanted the operation to come as a surprise and he sees no reason why the LUC should take offence because he was not informed.

The Acting Director of Democracy Sierra Leone Marcus Bangura said that the competence of the Sierra Leone police is questionable and there have been a huge human rights abuse on the part of the Sierra Leone Police in the past decade and in every year, there must a police killing.

Bangura said that they are not against the operation carried on by the Sierra Leone police but they are concern because of the fact that someone was killed allegedly by the police.

He added that the police failed to execute professionalism and questioned why one hundred and fifty police personnel should raid a small village as if the police were preparing for war.

He said that he expects the investigation to be free and fair and let justice be done to whosoever is responsible for the killing of Abdul Kaimbay Kamara.


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