President Bio’s closest challenger Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara has dubbed the new direction government of the President Bio as “purposeless.”

The former APC flag bearer aspirant made this statement in his New Year message to Sierra Leoneans.

Samura Kamara lamented the massive suffering that majority of Sierra Leoneans have undergone over the last 20 months, pointing out how a woman called Ngadi has been undergoing unnecessary suffering due to the senseless decision of the government to forcefully close the mines, to the point that two of Ngadi’s Children are at the edge of dropping out of University.

“…and while we commend ourselves for our resilience in soldiering through the needless difficulties deliberately thrown on our path by this New Direction military junta – like Government, we bewail not only the pointless reversal of progress in peace, democracy and national cohesion…” Kamara explained.

He noted that the purposeless direction the nation is being led in terms of disunity, bad governance, human rights violations and disastrous management of the economy.

“Ngadi’s heartbreaking story is not different from those narrated by so many others from across the country, including Bo, Kenema, Bonthe, Pujehun, Tonkolili, Koinadugu, Falaba, Karene, Port Loko, Moyamba and Kambia districts, as well as from Freetown and its environs, who routinely visit to help in my farms in Kamalo and Port Loko,” the former Flagbearer of the APC states

He explained that all over the country, there are thousands of Sierra Leonean families who were in good shape before April 2018 but who are now having a hard time meeting their basic needs and responsibilities, be it education, food, rent, or in healthcare.

“…let me express my profound appreciation to you the people of Sierra Leone for your continued trust and hope in me. When I move around the country, and in my engagement with you, especially the women, our petty traders, including Abacha, Belgium, Swissy and Attaya bases, Churches and Mosques, the youth and children, the aged, the physically challenged, slum dwellers, Okada and Keke riders, commercial drivers and my fellow farmers, who are hardest hit by this misdirection, I take note of the frustrations you continue to express, and I also take note of the great hope you have in me to take you out of this predicament,” Kamara concluded.


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