Parliament of Sierra Leone has raised concern over the granting of licenses to FG Gold at the Valunia Gold Mines by the National Minerals Agency (NMA) and the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources.

The red flag was raised in the Well of Parliament by the Leader of the main opposition party, the All Peoples Congress (APC), Hon. Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah who stated that proper procedures and processes were not leading to award of concession area to FG Gold.

“Mr. Chairman of the Committee of Mines, Mr. Speaker and Honorable Members, I just came back from ECOWAS and I was Shocked when an issue was raised in my presence regarding a company, FG Gold that was granted a mining licenses on a concession somewhere in Baomahun Chiefdom; it is something I want this House to look into because it is not sending a good image for our country and the mining sector out of Sierra Leone,” Hon. Bah stated.

Responding to the serious concern raised by Hon. Bah, the Chairman on the Committee of Mines, Hon. Saa Emerson Lamina stated that as a committee they are currently looking into the issue and will present their report after their investigation on the issue.

That they are very well aware of the fact that investors speak the same language and that they have looked into all the technicalities they should lead to the granting of mining licenses.

“Mr. Speaker we are also aware of shadows behind these companies, but the assurance that I can give to the Leader of the opposition is that by the time our report is tabled, light will be seen at the end of the tunnel,” he disclosed.

That as a committee they have realized that the issuance of EIA licenses and the mineral right holding over the Valunia mines have some controversies for which they recommended that Algom Resources and another company were unfairly treated by the NMA and Mines Ministry, that all investors in the mining sector deserves equal treatment when applying for mining concession and licenses.

He noted that when the above is followed, it will be clear that no applicant has been favored over the another.

He called on government to investigate the granting of the Valunia mining concession to FG Gold and report to Parliament within two (2) weeks.