By Alieu Kondoh

Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens has ruled against the use of CCTV camera in Rtd. Major Alfred Palo Conteh’s treason trial.

Justice Stevens in his ruling with regards the issue of CCTV camera quoted section 48 (1) Sub Section 4 of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone which says that ‘’while any person holds or performs the function of the office of the president, no civil or criminal proceedings shall be instituted or continued against him in respect of anything done or omitted to be done by him either in his office or private capacity.”

He stated that it is upon the State to agree to bring in the CCTV Camera or not and that he will not compel them to do so according to the laws of Sierra Leone.

This follows after one of the defense lawyers for Palo Conteh, J.F. Kamara asked the seventh prosecution witness, Lit. Col. Mohamed M. Kposowa if there is any CCTV Camera at State House Ground Floor; the witness said yes.

Lawyer Kamara made an application to the judge that he wants members of the public, police officers and journalists to go out of the court because he wants to ask a question that is of national security interest.

One of the State Prosecutors, Lawyer A. Fisher objected to the application by J.F. Kamara, lawyer Kamara then said that if they do not have the footages of what occurred at State House, they do not think there is any treason in the matter.

Lit Col. Mohamed M. Kposowa who is the seventh prosecution witness identified himself as the Director of the Presidential Guard Force at State House in Freetown, he said he knew the first, second and third accused person respectively.

He said some of his duties are positioning of security for the Presidency which includes the President, Vice-President, First Lady and all others infrastructure, he said they have different layers at the State House.

He continued that they have the first layer which is the main entrance, grand floor and others, he said at the first gate if a visitor arrives with a vehicle, the vehicle is searched and the person is asked if there is any weapon in the vehicle.

He said the grand floor has a scanner and a metal detector, that scans bag and that if anything is discovered they will give a sticker to the person when he/she returns they will give the person back his property.


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