Morlai Buya Kamara, Director of Mamamah Airport Project

The protector and sentinel of the public purse in Sierra Leone, Audit Service Sierra Leone has implicated the then management of the Mamamah Aiport Project, headed by former Anti-graft Deputy Boss,  Morlai Buya Kamara.

The report revealed that despite repeated requests made to the Permanent Secretary, key personnel of the Mamamah Airport Project did not avail themselves for audit interview processes and that as a result of that, it was not possible for the audit team to have a detailed understanding of how this project operated during the period under review.

That during their review of the Accountant General’s IFMIS Printouts 2014-2018, they  observed that Le14,699,018,440.00 was allocated to the Freetown International Airport Project (Mamamah Project) by the Government of Sierra Leone.

“Expenditure returns in respect of this amount were not submitted for inspection,” the Auditors revealed.

That they(Auditors) also observed that during  their review of available records that a contract was amended between the Ministry of Transport and Aviation on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone and the China Railway International Limited on 22nd May 2013 for a concessional loan totalling ¥17,773,471,160.

“On 8th February 2018, there was a concessional loan agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and the Export-Import Bank of China totalling ¥1,240,000,000. However, the status of these were not clarified to the audit team and there were no reference documents submitted,” Auditors stated

That they  recommended that the Permanent Secretary should ensure that key personnel and relevant documents or clarifications on the management of the Mamamah Airport Project are available for the  audit processes but the Permanent Secretary stated: “The Ministry presented its internal audit report on the FIAP/Mamamah Project with attached supporting documents from the period 2014 to 2017. This report was titled ‘Audit of Revenue and Expenditure’ – FIAP/Mamamah Project. We strongly believe that this report included issues raised in your management letter. However, these documents will, again, be made available for your verification”.

The Auditor General however concluded that key personnel of the Mamamah Airport Project did not avail themselves for interviews and clarifications and that documents on the receipt and use of funds were not submitted for audit reviews, thereby describing the issues as unresolved

Meanwhile the ACC has identified the Mamamah Project as one of the issues of interest for the commission and it will be amazing to see if the ACC will investigate and if found wanting indicts one of its former heads to Court on Corruption Allegations.


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