The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas has assured MPs that nothing unexpected will spring up from the State of Emergency (SOE) declared by the President.

In his submission during the debate before the approval of the declaration of State of Emergency made by President Bio, Hon. Segepoh Thomas said that the country is in imminent danger of contracting a virus which nobody knows anything about.

He described the virus as a strange enemy in the history of mankind.

According to the Honorable Deputy Speaker, former President Koroma was late in declaring a State of Emergency to fight the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, and commended President Bio for being proactive in his preventive measures against covid-19, whilst assuring that the state of emergency would not be used as was used before during the dark days in the country’s history.

“Nothing out of the ordinary will be done to anyone as a result of the State of Emergency,” the Honorable emphasized.

Joining the debate, the Opposition Leader in Parliament, Hon. Chernor M. Bah praised the position expressed by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament in light of the State of Emergency. Relative to Section 29 on the declaration of the State of Emergency and encouraged MPs not to impute as the interpretation of the Constitution rests on the Supreme Court.

He also spoke about the regulations which are subject to review after a period of 90 days; whilst assuring that his party is not opposing the State of Emergency declared by President Bio to fight Covid-19, and that they would support the regulations to give effects to the State of Emergency.

Hon. Bah stated that a State of Emergency has effect within Seven (7) days until it is superseded by a resolution of Parliament for it continuation or termination.

Calling for effective public education, he said the Opposition is in sympathy with the people whose votes are needed in the 2023 elections.

He encouraged security personnel to use a human face during the course of implementing the measures that have been put in place by the Government to fight Covid-19.

The Leader of Government Business, Hon. Sidie M. Tunis allayed the fears of MPs by pinpointing that President Bio would only use the State of Emergency to prevent and fight Covid-19 and nothing more; recalling how he used a State of Emergency only to deal with rape and its attendant issues.

He said that the declaration of the State of Emergency is only a coincidence and has nothing to do with the conclusion of the Commissions of Inquiry noting that the State of Emergency would last for 12 months which is subject to the approval of Parliament.

He promised to engage the Attorney General and Minister of Justice in order to provide the House with the regulations which give effects to the State of Emergency.

He assured that the proclamation of State of Emergency is not a license for harassment, whilst speaking on the need for aggressive public education on Covid-19.

He also noted that the State of Emergency is not a political fight, but a preventive measure from the claws of the wicked Covid-19 or Corona Virus that has currently brought the world almost on its knees.


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