December is a month of festivities and merriment it is normally a time of sharing with those who cannot afford but people are wondering whether there will be Christmas in this December as things are very difficult for the ordinary people in the country.

A female friend of mine went to buy some food stuffs for the December. She explained that she went with five hundred thousand Leone’s which is  correspondingly 55 United States Dollars to buy some of the goods she bought before the start of December.

“You won’t believe Mr. Dixon, the prices of goods have gone up from what I bought them last week. I had to spend eight hundred thousand Leones, correspondingly 85 United States Dollar. Moneys which I did not intend to spend,” she stated.

Apart from that lady friend of mine, ordinary Sierra Leoneans are grumbling about the way things are going  in the country particularly the seemingly infinite increase of basic commodities in the market.

If you go to Krootown Road Market, ordinary market women will tell you about the way things are at the moment which is not anything to write home about.

I believe it is because of those serious issues that the radical musician Emerson Bockarie in his recent album Suspect sought the attention of the President that the “Gron Dry” meaning things are difficult as there is a crunching hardship in the country.

Like Emerson said, we know that the President has just come to office and he is trying to put things in place by closing the loopholes but closing the loopholes does not mean things should be difficult for the ordinary people.

Besides, it remains four months for President to clcok a year in office and it will be better for him to put things in place so that Sierra Leoneans will  begin to feel the impact of the New Direction, if at all there is any new direction.

President Bio should know that his Minister of Finance JJ Saffa during the campaign made statement as if when they come to power everything will be okay for the people.

I could still remember JJ’s economic theory about the common man- the price of plate of rice in the crockery shop which according to him cost Le2,000 in 2007 but that the same plate of rice for the common man in 2018 is Le5,000  and that by the time one takes a spoon, the plate is empty.

JJ should now know that the same plate of crockery has gone up and that this time around one can’t even take a spoon because there is nothing to eat in such a short time in office.

“JJnomics’’ is when you said that the economy will be good for the people of Sierra Leone but they ended up being worse and killing for the people. “JJnomics” is when you talk as if you have the midas-touch of the economy but in reality you have nothing

In fact, at Press Conference at State House on the 100 days of President Bio in power, similar question was asked to the Minister of Finance about the economy but he claimed that by September this year everything would have been good.

He gave his economic analyses that by the time government started paying contractors and by the time government received money from IMF and World Bank, the people will begin to feel the impact of the economy.

But we are in December and I wonder what other rhetoric will the Minister of Finance brings this time around as the people are feeling the pinch of the terrible situation.

Just a week to Christmas, it is not easy for people as there will be handful of people who will actually celebrate Christmas in December this year as majority of households in this country will actually have no Christmas this December.

I would have loved to wish people happy Christmas but knowing the reality on the ground, I will rather wish them an enduring December and a prosperous new year as we hope that things will be better.


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