The Moyamba District Medical Officer Dr James B. Jongopie has called on residents in the country’s southern district to make every effort in making available to health workers children that are living with Cleft Lips or palate for proper medical attention adding that “no child needs to live with Cleft Lips.”

The District Medical Boss made this called while addressing health workers, district stakeholders including councilors and host of other local people at the MoDCAR Resource Center that marks part of the Smile Train nationwide Cleft Lip awareness campaign.

Cleft Lip is an opening or split in the roof of the mouth and lip. Cleft lip palate is common birth condition and it can occur alone or as part of genetic condition or syndrome.

 Dr Jongopie said that Smile Train which was founded in 1999 is a charity and non-profit organization that is providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates on free basis.

“Cleft lip or palate is not caused by curse or evil spirit as has been believe by people over the years and parents whose children are born with such must endeavor to visit health facility,” said Dr Jongopie.

The chairman of the occasion David S. Swaray attached to the Moyamba District Health Management Team said that Cleft Lip or Palate is a disease that has existed for many years now and that it starts from womb but can be curable.

The Chiefdom Speaker of Kaiyamba Chief Adu Mboyawa commended the DHMT and the charity organization on the move made to save lives. He added that the DHMT has always been proactive in service delivery the fact they are always prepared to desseminate relevant health related messages to every facets of their district.