Students of Njala University, Mokonde Campus have expressed dissatisfaction over the university administration with regards the current state of affairs of their welfare.

Speaking in an exclusive interview to New Age Newspaper, a student explained that the facilities on campus is not good to write home about as they are constrain in having access to water among other things.

He added that they are being supplied water for 20 minutes  which he said is not enough for even 30 students to fetch a gallon of water, noting that they are now left with the only choice of fetching water at the swamps which is not good for their health.

A Second Year Student also maintained that despite paying the sum of Le 1.5 million for a single room in the hostels, the facilities in the hostels are very limited and expressed that the most worrying part of it is that electricity supply is on a minute basis which makes the hostels especially the female hostels unsafe.

He stated that if there was a student union government on campus, they would have channeled those concerns to the administration but there is no student representation on campus thus students are not taken seriously by the administration, he stated.

Another student also revealed that the administration  increased this year’s academic hostel fees from Le600,000 to Le750,000 per person without any justification which students complied to without putting up any resistance, but still their welfare are not catered for by the administration.

Speaking on behalf of the administration, Dean of Students, Njala Mokonde Campus, Sam-King Kamara stated that the administration is trying it best to cater for the welfare of students adding that they have made additional provision for the supply of water on campus.

“We are not happy that our students are not accessing the hostel facilities which they have paid for, the administration has contracted a company to supply beds to the campus and we are also having problems with the main generator hence the electricity problem,” he underscored.

He assured the students that the university understands the plights of the students and they will soon enjoy a better learning environment.


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