The Chiefdom Youth Council of Nimikoro, Kono District has called on government to remove their Chiefdom Speaker, Chief Sahr Abdulai Komassie.
They made this call over what they described as conflicting views between the Paramount Chief of the Chiefdom, Chief Aiah Denton Bona Foa-Mansa the 3rd and the Speaker which is affecting the progress of the chiefdom.
Members of the Chiefdom Youth Council and other committees of women in the Chiefdom have described the situation as which is uncalled for, for the Chiefdom Speaker, Sahr Abdulai Komassie to abuse the bye-laws of the chiefdom which they believe will destroy the overall fabric of the socio-economic, moral and cultural development in the chiefdom.
That the Nimikoro Chiefdom Youth Council totally condemned the Chief Sahr Abdulai Komassie for challenging his boss, Paramount Chief Aiah Denton Bona Foa-Mansa 3rd which they described as total insubordination which is against the local government Act 2009.
The Nimikoro Youth Council was however, able to list the following reasons for their decision as Youths of the chiefdom that made over 70% of the Chiefdom’s population.
That they have called for the removal of Chief Komassie based on the following grounds which they have alleged: Misuse and Abuse of office with professional misconducts; blackmailing of the P.C Dr Aiah Denton Bona Foa-mansa 3rd; paying of some youths to cause unrest in the Chiefdom; deceiving and disregarding of the chiefdom elders/authorities; unjust imprisonment of Youths during the Maadorni incident; embezzlement of Chiefdom Youth Funds among other issues.
That they are not satisfied with the decision of the Local Government Minister, Hon. Tamba Lamina in handling the issue between the Paramount Chief and his Speaker, referencing that the Local Government Act of 2009 clearly states in PART VII-REMOVAL OF CHIEFDOM SPEAKER AND SUB-CHIEFS that:
25(1) The Chiefdom Speaker and other sub-chiefs who, by customary law, are the Councilors or assistants of a Paramount Chief shall be subordinate in their ordinary jurisdiction to the Paramount Chief.
(2) A Paramount Chief who is dissatisfied with the conduct of his Chiefdom Speaker shall notify the Chiefdom Committee with the grounds of his dissatisfaction; and if upon investigating the matter, the Chiefdom Committee found the Speaker culpable, it shall advise the Chiefdom Administration to remove the Speaker for a new speaker to be appointed by the Paramount Chief.
They noted that the Local Government Minister did not work in line with Local Government Act in handling the issue and that he was allegedly compromised.
That they wish to direct their dissatisfaction and draw the attention of His Excellency Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio to please remedy the situation in the interest of peace before the ongoing issue get out of hands.