By Marilyn King

The National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) in collaboration with the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) and the Sierra Leone Teachers Union (SLTU) On Tuesday 8th June 2021 engaged teachers in Bo in the Southern Region in relation to their NASSIT Benefit.

The Chairman of the Program, Alhaji Mohamed Sallieu Bangura explained that some of the teachers don’t have correct NASSIT number and correct pin codes.

He advised the teachers to always ensure that their correct information is captured on every data base so that they will not have problems with NASSIT.

He stressed that they should make sure that they have pin codes in order to enable them claim their salaries and benefits.

Commissioner of the Teaching Service Commission, Dr. Conrad Saki noted that he working with both NASSIT and SLTU to amend challenges being faced by teachers in terms of salaries and retirement benefits.

He furthered that he is serving in the capacity of a public servant by listening to the concerns of the teachers.

He advised them to kindly update their details, especially their retirement age.

He continued that some teachers have been traveling all the way to Freetown to solve their NASSIT issues, but that they now have NASSIT Office in Bo to which they can easily channel their issues to.

He disclosed that they will be having the best teacher’s awards which will take place on 17th June 2021.

The Director General of NASSIT, Mohamed Fuad Daboh said that he is gratified by the composition of the teachers gathering in the hall which he said clearly explained to him that teachers are particular about their well-being, particularly their membership of NASSIT as they are anticipating their retirement benefits.

He furthered that they employed sensitization and awareness raising to reach the different sectors of the society, noting that they have done it with the police and are now dealing with teachers to update their NASSIT benefits.

He maintained that they are paying NASSIT benefits to the right persons when their details are correct with NASSIT, with no inconsistent date of Birth.

He warned that no one with multiple dates of birth will survive again and that one person is entitled to one Social Security Number (SSN).

The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), Dr. David Moinina Sengeh thanked the teachers for their service, and acknowledged that teaching helps transformer the country.

He expressed his love for teachers, adding that his background is from teachers, and that he is also a teacher.

He furthered that 85,000 teachers are on records and that out of the 85,000 teachers only 35,000 teachers are on government payroll.

He maintained that those 35,000 teachers on government payroll account for about 40 percent of the entire government rage.

He called on the teachers to take care of their pin code and NASSIT Number and encouraged them to update their records with NASSIT, TSC and SLTU.

He promised that they will look into the issues of community teachers, in the remote areas.

He also said that government will look into some of the problems that the teachers are facing with their pin codes.

He thanked NASSIT for looking into the concerns of teachers.